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Bailey Industries

Bailey Industries is the fastest growing subcontractor in scaffolding, isolation, mechanical, shipbuilding and E&I currently active in Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Netherlands and Belgium.

Bailey Flexwork is the fastest growing subcontractor for production, logistics, transport and the maritime industry.

Bailey - about us
About us

After many years being active under few different names, we decided to combine our activities under one name Bailey Industries

Constant and dynamic growth of our company is indicating of the quality of our services and the high productivity of our employees while maintaining the highest security standards. Our offices are located in Poland, Netherlands, Romania and Lithuania.Most of our activities focus on the following industry sectors:

  • energy industry,
  • petrochemical industry,
  • general construction,
  • shipbuilding.

We specialize in providing well-qualified workers who perform the contracts including: dismantling of industrial scaffolding systems, installation painting and pipe system fitting for clients representing oil and petrochemical industries as well as acids and fertilizers producers.

Our experience in the field of scaffolding installation gained in the course of many projects’ operations for the biggest refineries in Belgium and Netherlands is the guarantee of the highest quality services. According to the individual clients’ requirements, we organize staff training and certification within our own training center.

In order to meet clients' high expectations, we offer well-qualified and highly experienced staff with all certificates required for the contract at the constant disposal.

  • VCA
  • HSE
  • DNV-A/B

Depending on client’s requirements we are able to guarantee effective service in a flexible manner. Every customer is treated individually. We try to offer flexible conditions of cooperation, to make possible to build and develop long lasting relationships with an employer and an employee.

About us